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Laying track

The modules itself are built with plywood, the track is laying on thin balsa wood. The picture shows the moment were all the critical parts are glued down already, it remains to fill up the rest with straight track.

Laying track

All feeder wires are soldered to the bottom side to the track to be completely invisible after ballasting. This needs do be done before laying the track.

  1. Solder feeder wires to every single part of rail, do not trust rail joiners (I do not use them at all as they are looking so ugly)
  2. This also applies for turnouts which will end in a lot of feeder wires for each turnout (electrofrog of course)
  3. Solder all these feeders to the bottom of the rail, not the side
  4. Position the track, mark where you need holes for all these feeder wires, directly below where they are soldered to the rail
  5. Drill all holes for all feeder wires
  6. Thread all feeder wires through their holes
  7. Glue down the track

This is what you will get this way - glued down track with feeder wire. After weathering the track and ballasting it you won't see any feeder:

Feed wire soldered to rail