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Collection of categorized prototype information, mainly pictures - as an inspiration for modeling. Pictures can be in more than one category and thus showing up at multiple places. Categorizing information has its own caveats: determining a well fitting category, finding a distinct category name, deciding how granular the categorization should be - and always an item fitting nowhere. Though no categorization is perfect, it's always an approximation as good as necessary. With this said - have fun with the contents here!

Clicking on a category name opens the category, clicking on an arrow unfolds the category.

Railroads & Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Locomotives & Rolling Stock
Categories of Locomotives
Categories of pictures of different railroads
Categories of reporting marks
Categories of freight cars
Categories of coaches

Railway related

Railway related
Categories related to track systems

Structures & Industries

Categories of structures and industries


Categories about wires and electricity
Categories for all the rest
Category of panorama pictures


Categories of landscapes
Categories of vegetation