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Concept and considerations ...

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Goals to achieve were:

  • modular
  • useable at FREMO-meetings
  • mainly switching
  • different industries needing different types of cars
  • located where it is hot and dry

By sure there are the usual constraints in model railroading - mainly not enough space, especially concerning the length. So everything will need to be shortened and hopefully to remain believable.

So I ended up with this for the first step:


As you can see this is not a drawn track plan but a picture of my two modules (each 120cm x 35cm) after completing laying track. From left to right there is a main running through. Next there is a siding / run around / storage track - whatever you call it or use it for. I've used Peco #8. To the top left there is a track to an industry, the track will end in a structure. Top right will serve a bakery, bottom right a scrap yard; for these two I used Peco #6. For switching I'll need two short and small additions to the left and right for a loco and a few cars. To the left and to the right the track position is according to a FREMO standard. In the middle all track ends square at the module ends - this allows to add a third module in between to lengthen the run around and to get a team track at the bottom.