All structures are scratch built, mainly used is styrene. All structures are removable with little effort.

Southern Custom Stamping (SCS)

This stamping factory receives mainly coils in coil cars or gondolas. Sometimes some machinery or different supplies are delivered in a box car or container.

All railcars are placed inside the building where a large overhead crane waits to unload it.

Alexa's Specialty Bakery (ASB)

This is a rail served industry. It mainly receives grain, flour, fruit and corn syrup; sometimes additional products will be delivered in box cars. The structures consists of two parts, an older and a newer one. The older one has two loading docks for box cars and reefer and all what is needed to unload hoppers. Storage bins for grain and flour are inside the taller part of this structure.

The newer part of the building is a simple concrete construction. There are no loading docks there, only an exit door for the employees as access to the corn syrup unloading. The storage tanks for the corn syrup are nearby.

White Goods Wholesale

This is a non rail served industry, a building just sitting there. It is rather modern, the walls are made of Evergreen metal siding 4530 and the roof of v-groove 4250. Piping is self made using styrene rods and brass wire. After it has to do with white goods the structure is painted white, but over the years there is some dirt visible on the white surfaces.

And it's a never ending fight against graffiti - just overpainted the last with some white paint the next ones are showing up.

Published on  March 10th, 2018