SP 2621


This is a model of a SW 1500 locomotive, manufactured by Broadway Limited Imports.

CV settings

I changed several CVs to get the behavior I wanted; here are my settings for this loco:

CV   Value
2 start voltage 1
41 motor start/stop on F8 10
133 start up sound volume 7
134   20
139 coupler slack volume 20
140 coupler volume 20
141 uncouple volume 20
144 manual air release volume 20
150 dynamic brake volume 0
185 brake sensitivity 3
188 pitch shift 20
224 horn select 2
240 random sound occurrence 20
245 enable motor start delay 3
248 motor start delay 50


Factory settings of acceleration and deceleration were already a good choice - I want to "feel" the mass to be moved. I needed the motor start/stop an F8 since this is the highest function key on my throttle. Motor start delay makes up for realistic switching - first the motor revs up, then the loco starts to move.

A picture of the inside with the decoder:


It seems that I do not have any luck with this loco: Since today (9/23/16) it suddenly produces a short when put on the layout. So again - open it; first squeeze the front a little bit and pull upwards:


The rest is best done with a small screwdriver - and that's the result:


Two views with the cables pulled off:


After removing the decoder a first hint to the problem is occuring - is this a "hot spot"?


Looking at the decoder - yes, it is, it was a hot spot:


I have no idea why this happened, but this chip is blown.

Published on  October 2nd, 2016