Southern Stamping

I want all structures to be easily removable. So I'm installing a base plate in which the removable structure fits in. Additionally I am able to finish scenery around the structure to be built in the future. To give a better idea - it looks like this:

As you can see scenery is completed and will not be damaged when inserting or removing the structure planned here. The track is leading into the building, the coil cars will be unloaded inside by an overhead crane.

Next step is making the floor of the building using a styrene sheet. At first I made a gauge out of some cardboard:

This fits, next I have to cut this out of a sheet of styrene:

After some filing I had a perfect fit:

I added some L-profiles around the base plate as support for the walls:

The crossbar at the entrance is only temporarily glued down - until the front wall is attached.

Next I tried with a cardboard mockup which height looks "right":

The first layer of the first wall was cut out of a styrene sheet - and "concrete" columns added:

But this just does not look right - the columns are too delicate, I need thicker ones, so I removed them. While waiting for new styrene strips ordered online I cut out the second wall and made a shot how this scene will look alike:

I ordered material for the walls:

It's pressed cardboard and looking quite good - but: Way too huge bricks! It is meant for H0 and even TT, but this is silly, it should be sold for 0.

The large bricks are 8,5mm x 2,5mm; in H0 this would be 739,5mm x 217,5mm in reality - way too large, in TT 1020mm x 300 mm - even worse! The small bricks are 4mm x 2,5mm. I will not use this item and ordered something better:

This one looks ok - 3mm x 1mm; for H0 this means 261mm x 87mm in reality, ok.

The core of the structure is completed now and fits well in its base plate:

Next is to add the concrete beams on the walls:

Now all brick wall parts have to be cut out - and checked if they fit well:

The following picture shows all wall parts finished:

At first I applied two coats of hair spray and after about 10 minutes I applied the final acrylic color. About 10 minutes later I worked the wall parts with adhesive tape. Due to the hair spray coat the acrylic color can be removed by the adhesive tape randomly from the surface, giving the effect of an old wall losing its color on some bricks.
The last step was the usual weathering.

Now all parts can be put together - and a roof had also to be made:

Published on  February 12th, 2018