Locos and Cars

There aren't a lot of locos or rolling stock needed to operate a rather small switching layout. One loco and up to ten cars should be enough. But sometimes you buy more than you need ...  :-)

All rolling stock is weathered, open cars have appropriate and removable loads.


All locos are equipped with DCC and sound. Sound adds a lot of realism during operations. Some locos are really a good fit for a switching layout, others were a must-have.



For all open cars easily removable loads are needed - scrap, coils, pipes and so on. Some examples can be found here.



I'm using different techniques for weathering my rolling stock:

  • dry color powders
  • water color
  • acrylic color with airbrush
  • acrylic color with different fine brushes
  • matt varnish

Published on  October 24th, 2016